The Blog About Death.

A friend of mine passed recently. I call him friend because, though we weren’t close and though I didn’t know him too well, we shared some good times and I will miss him. I won’t name him here, in fear of his closer friends and family being unappreciative of my mentioning his death in a blog.

It’s tough. The way he died is tough to handle (motorcycle accident). The details surrounding his final days are tough to wrap my mind around (his fiancee and best friend had just picked up the wedding dress and maid of honor dress the day before his death). The fact that he was only one year older than myself (25) is tough. The knowledge of what his fiancee, closest friends and family are going through is tough. It’s a situation wherein, though I wasn’t close enough to him to truly feel the impact of his death, people who I am very close with were close enough to him to feel such pain. Knowing that is tough.

I know a few people out there who have experienced loss recently. And I suppose you could say this blog is dedicated to them, in a way.

What this person’s death has done for me is it has served as a reminder of sorts. None of us truly live here. We’re all just visitors, and tragically, some of our visits are cut shorter than others. You have to do your best to take each day as it comes and remember that the next day may not be right around the corner. Tomorrow may not be a brand new day, so make today the best you can. Tell the people you love that you love them, now and always, until forever runs out and then some. Take some time for yourself, to do what you truly love to do. Take five minutes, every day, to step outside and truly appreciate everything.

Yes, the world is in pretty bad shape right now. But if you look hard enough, you can still see the beauty it has to offer. Lean into the wind and breath deeply. Count the stars in the night sky, watch the clouds slowly trace their way across the heavens above you. Appreciate everything that has been given to you, because tomorrow you may not get the same chance.

Much of this is probably sounding pretty generic. It probably sounds like something you already know, whether it’s been recently brought to your attention due to the passing of a loved one or it’s something you hold in the back of your mind. But let me tell you this: We deserve to be reminded from time to time.

So, go hold a loved one. Go tell a friend you appreciate them. Go have that extra slice of pizza. In short: Don’t sweat the small stuff and appreciate what you have while you have it.

Consider yourself reminded.

Published by Rob Kaas

Biographical information? I was born 37 years ago. I've lived a little here and there since then. I do not look forward to death. Biographical enough for you?

2 thoughts on “The Blog About Death.

  1. You’re right. Everyone should live like it’s there last day and make the most out of every moment.

    Good wine. Good friends. Good life.

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