Free Fiction Part Two: American Gods

I can’t believe I didn’t add this to the previous entry. My mind must be slipping.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman is one of those books that comes along and changes the way you see other books. I know quite a few people who claim Gaiman’s prose just isn’t their cup of tea, yet still lap up the literary cuppa that is American Gods. It could easily be considered Gaiman’s signature work (outside of Sandman) and proudly sits, and rightfully so in my opinion, atop many a favorite book list.

Harper Collins have taken it upon themselves to offer to us, the faithful, American Gods. In full. Completely online and completely free.

Their reason? To help along the fledgling medium of the eBook. In essence, when you purchase a book, you’re not just buying an item. You’re buying a licence to read the story in any way you choose. Be it in the form of a novel or on your PC or laptop or one of those nifty little digital readers they have now. By offering a full book (and American Gods is quite a read), for free, they’re hoping to spark a desire to read more in this way.

It’s brilliant and I’m behind it one hundred percent.

So whether American Gods is on your list of favorites or you’ve been meaning to read it or you’ve never heard of it before this post (gasp), please check it out.

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