Between The Sneezes

It seems I’m in just the right place regarding weather; No flooding this far north, and no fires this far east, and no heat waves this far west. I’m safely and securely in the middle of all the chaos, where I am happy to report the worst weather I have to deal with is when the temperature sits about the 80F – 90F degree mark for a couple of days.

That being said, I do sincerely hope those who are finding themselves, or their loved ones, in areas that are affected by things as horrible as floods and brush fires and heat waves are safe and secure and happy.

The problem with the weather here lately would be my allergies deciding to act up in terrible ways. I haven’t had a problem with allergies since moving here (about four years ago, this October), but this summer has been hell on my nose and eyes and all things attached.

Luckily for me, the wife has introduced me to the Wal-Mart brand of Zyrtec on Saturday and it has not left my system since. I’ve been poppin’ one of those bad boys each day and will continue to do so because a life lived with puffy/swollen/itchy/watery eyes and a nose that spews forth bodily fluids like a faucet is a life lived unhappily.

I’ve been meaning to update this here blog lately, really I have, but I’ve been feeling extremely boring recently.


1: Seeing The Incredible Hulk:

Even with the absolute perfect casting of Edward Norton as Dr. Bruce Banner, even with the beautiful Liv Tyler filling the lab coat of Betty Ross, and even with Tim Roth, one of my favorite actors ever, being cast as Emil “Abomination” Blonsky, I was still worried about the end result of all these seperate parts being thrown together on screen.

All those fears and worries were laid to rest pretty quickly, though. It’s such a fun movie, but it’s also such a smart take on Bruce Banner and the Hulk. If Edward Norton doesn’t return for a Hulk 2 I will be forced to cry and listen to The Cure in silent emo-y protest.

2: Having purchased a LAWN MOWER:

Previously, in this very blog…

A very nice police officer noticed.

“You’re gonna have to mow this lawn, sir.” he said. I told him the story of the mysterious hispanic man who has been visiting us for years. “Well, the city is really cracking down on people with unkempt lawns. I hate fining people for it, but it’s my job.”

“I understand.” I said, readying myself for what I was certain to be another in a long line of financial blows.

“I can give you a max of five days.” he said. I blinked at him. “To get it mowed.”

“And after five days?”

“I’ll have to fine you a hundred and twenty dollars.” he said in an apologetic tone.

“I’m afraid I have no number for our mysterious landscaper. I also happen to not have a mower.”

“You can get one at Wal-Mart for a hund- Well…” he stammered.

“A hundred and twenty dollars?” I asked. He laughed and nodded.

He wasn’t kidding. The absolute cheapest mower we could find was $119.99 in either of the two (count ’em, TWO) stores we visited (Runnings, then Wal-Mart).

Anyway, that was weeks ago and the lawn has been mowed weekly ever since, thanks to my manliness.

Well, up until last week when I decided the lawn wasn’t in too bad a shape and I would have rather had a slightly shaggy lawn than to feel my head explode with mucus (this was before becomming a generic Zyrtec addict). I’ll be mowing it again this Saturday, though.

3: Seeing The Incredible Hulk AGAIN:

Yeah, we saw it a second time. It was that awesome. Some would disagree with me, but I felt it was just as good as Iron Man. And I loved Iron Man.

4: Making a Movie Plan:

First was Iron Man, then Incredible Hulk. Still on the list of Must-See Movies:

Get Smart
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
The Dark Knight
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I’m probably forgetting some too. But it’s a busy year for geek cinema and it’s taking a toll on our bank account. You may consider it foolish to work extra hours for the sole purpose of being able to afford to see a comic book movie, but it’s how I roll.

5: Not Dying:

I’ve somehow managed not to die whilst mowing the lawn or lifting heavy boxes at work.

That must account for something.

I’ve decided I really want to see this. I love Hunter Thompson more than most things in the world and would have loved to have had the oppertunity to meet him before his passing.

Have a list of free online movies. (it’s actually a list of science fiction films, fantasy films, THEN the best films online for free at the bottom of the entry. Some good choices there, too)

Oh crap 6: Having Changed The Layout Of This Here Lowly Blog:

It’s true. See those eyes up there? Those are mine.

I’m watching you.

This is a much cleaner layout than the other one. Plus I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs that have the exact same layout I had and I was sick of going “I didn’t write thatohwaitI’matsomeoneelsesblog”.

Likes? Dislikes?

I’m going to sleep now. I swear I’ll try to update more regularly.

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Biographical information? I was born 37 years ago. I've lived a little here and there since then. I do not look forward to death. Biographical enough for you?

3 thoughts on “Between The Sneezes

  1. Y’know, I haven’t mowed a lawn in many years (apartment living), but it’s one of the few household chores I actually enjoyed. Just something nice about seeing the lawn slowly get back into shape, strip by strip. I feel the same way about doing the laundry; half a dozen piles of dirty clothes turn clean (but god, I hate folding or hanging them up). Dishes are cool, too.

  2. Congrats on being alive and making another post!

    I scrolled down so your eyes are no longer watching me! Bwhahahaha!

  3. Hickman:

    Yeah, I really dig mowing the lawn. It’s fantastic exercise, you get fresh air and sunshine and you get the pride of actually making a visible difference in the exterior of your home. S’good.

    It’s good to hear from you, man.


    Too late. I’ve already seen into your soul.


    Also, thanks for congratulating me on being alive.

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