Superheroes On Twitter

oldoneeye: Still feeling emotional today. Wolverine keeps making fun of my hair. God, I hate him. God, I miss Jean. I wish I could hold my liqour. IAmLoganBitch: @oldoneeye stfu asshole oldoneeye: @IAmLoganBitch YOU NEVER THINK ABOUT THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS YOU HAIRY WORM! IAmLoganBitch: @oldoneeye i got yer hairy worm right here, bub. oldoneeye:Continue reading “Superheroes On Twitter”

Stripping On A Saturday Night

I ordered the stripper for Saturday night. You’ll be there, right? These are words I never thought I’d hear coming from the mouth of my middle-aged female boss. Uh-whuh?, I responded. It turns out that Saturday night is the night they’ll be stripping the floors at the store. Sunday night, they’ll apply a fresh coatContinue reading “Stripping On A Saturday Night”

The World is Dead, Long Live the World

I’ve decided that “the gubment” should send out stimulus checks every month. It’s awesome being able to pay a bunch of bills and order a stack of comics from an online retailer. So! I need one of the following to take place: 1: I need to get a better paying job. 2: I need toContinue reading “The World is Dead, Long Live the World”