The World is Dead, Long Live the World

I’ve decided that “the gubment” should send out stimulus checks every month. It’s awesome being able to pay a bunch of bills and order a stack of comics from an online retailer.

So! I need one of the following to take place:

1: I need to get a better paying job.

2: I need to win the lottery.

C: I need to convince the fine folks at the U.S. Government to send me $900 every month for no good reason.

Right now, none of them seem very plausible.

One of the things purchased on our government funded shopping spree was the Heroes Vol. 1 trade paperback, complete with a sweet Alex Ross cover:

Ain’t it spiffy? The answer is yes. Yes it is.

SIDE NOTE: I cannot see one of Alex Ross’ beautiful painted covers without remembering how he once approached me wearing a little paper “Krispy Kreme” hat and gave me a free donut.

Yes it was really him.

No I’m not hallucinating.

I also bought an Iron Man bobble head. It’s sitting on my desktop bobbling at me right now. Drunk bastard.

The cat is yelling at me from the bedroom. I don’t understand the feline language, but if I did, I’d imagine this would be her telling me to go to bed.

Or really; “Come lay down so I can bump my nose against yours, causing you mixed feelings of both immense pain and awe at my adorableness!”

She’s lousy with cute.

A grown man having an argument with a cat at 4:30am is one of those “You can’t write this stuff!” moments.

We also saw Wanted which was very fun. It’s a brainless popcorn action flick, so be prepared to shut your brain off before viewing or it may explode from all the “But wait, how is that- I mean, that’s not even- Wait, so they get their orders from a- Well, that’s stu- Wait, is that a-” that will certainly be going through your head durring the movie.

Glad to support Top Cow’s film ventures, though. Although I’ve heard it varies a lot from the comic (which I’ve ordered online and will be reading in a couple of weeks), and the next film on the agenda is a Witchblade movie, so hopefully the whole change-the-plot-keep-the-names thing won’t be a philosophy we’ll see them adopt with that one.

Iron Man is nodding his agreement with everything I type. As I type it.

So, plus side of government money:

Bills paid.

Oil change.

Iron Man bobbling at me.

Alex Ross giving me a donut (not directly related to government money)

Ordering the second volume of Batman: Hush, the second volume of Astonishing X-Men, the third volume of Superman/Batman, and The Art of Witchblade and not feeling guilty about doing so.

Seeing movies

Downside of government money:

It’s gone too quickly.

I want to die with a bottle of Starbucks’ Dark Chocolate Mocha in my hand.

My eyelids are slipping closed and the cat is winning this argument. Sleep time.

P.S. I will discuss the Doctor Who finale in a forthcoming blog that will probably be titled something similar to “How Doctor Who Hornswaggled Me And Made Me Cry”.

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