Life in a Series of Ten Points


It’s Banned Book Week (actually, it ends tomorrow). I urge you all to grab a banned book and read in defiance!

Besides, some good shit gets banned just because some uptight folks view it as “inappropriate”.


I cannot stress how important it is for you to register to vote. Look, celebrities agree with me! CELEBRITIES! LEO DiCAPRIO AND I EMPLORE YOU!

DeclareYourself.Com is the online place to register.

Please, please, PLEASE register, if you haven’t already. And then, after you register, head out and vote. If they don’t have your vote, you don’t have a voice. You want to bitch and complain about how the government works (or in this case doesn’t)? Go vote. Because if you don’t, you’ve no right to an opinion.


What’s better than a remake of Night of the Demons?

Edward Furlong in a remake of Night of the Demons


There’s a rogue spring in our bed (on my side, of course) that will randomly stab me in my side whilst I sleep. The other night, I dreamt I was being stabbed by an assailant, woke up to intense pain in my side, felt the area and found blood on my hand.

We are not amused.

It was just a scratch, but it was deep enough for me to bleed all over the sheets (ew).


Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist looks like it will own my soul.

Drunk: “Are you off duty?”

Michael Cera: “This isn’t a cab.”


Michael Cera: “This is not a cab, my friend, I promise you.”


It is almost Halloween and I am excited. Halloween is my Christmas. Horror movies on the tube, pumpkins and decorations around the neighborhood, and candy in my belly.

But the candy isn’t even the best part of Halloween. Unless you’re a kid, then it’s pretty much the only part of Halloween.

I love this time of year.


The VP debate has come and gone. Joe Biden is still a pimp with the whitest fucking teeth I’ve ever seen and Sarah Palin is still an idiot.

Though, according to Famous Person, she was a star:

Just… Wow. “Famous Person”.


I am fucking exhausted. The Coke delivery guy is an ass who decides to NOT properly stock his merchandise, which of course means I have to break my back moving around a bunch of heavy crap just to get the damn cooler looking decent.

The Pepsi guy goes out of his way to store his stuff in the cooler correctly AND stock the door with his merch. Which is why Pepsi wins.


Even Kurt Russell cannot save this remake of The Poseidon Adventure. Why remake a classic, anyway? Stupid Hollywood.


I’m going to drink a tall glass of milk and find something passable to watch before passing out upon le couch (that was French for “the couch”. see? you just learned something).

10b (AKA: P.S.):

The tags I’ve written for this entry make me laugh. Further proof I need sleep.

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4 thoughts on “Life in a Series of Ten Points

  1. Teehee. Those tags made me giggle. A lot. Either I’m just as tired as you (quite possible) or they’re just funny any way you slice it.


  2. Please don’t blame Coke for the asshole Coke dude. Thank you.

    I love Halloween because it signals fall, cooler weather and the onslaught of Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years happiness.

    McCain/Palin’s PR or Marketing person needs to be fired. PR people always make up quotes and ask “famous person” or “person with clout” if it’s ok to attribute it to them. Rarely is it ever a quote that someone actually thought up on their own. But, it most likely it was a marketing person who ok’d that dumbass ad to run. Man, FIRED so fast if they worked for me. McCain/Palin is certainly doing enough to fuck up their campaign- they don’t need a poor marketing person’s help.

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