A Blog In Two Parts (Part Two)

I have done no writing today. I have instead spent the day sleeping and reading and checking in on the internet from time to time. I make no apologies for this.

The people claiming that electing Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America has started some sort of doomsday clock, claiming that John McCain was “the chosen one” who was meant to lead this country and that by turning our backs on him, we turn our backs on God, frighten me more than almost any other group of people in this world. Not because I believe their words to be true, but rather because they believe their words to be true.

If you see the events that took place Tuesday evening as anything but historic and relieving and exciting and wonderful and exactly what this country, perhaps even the world, desperately needs in this very trying time, then you are a lost cause and I feel quite sorry for you.

I cannot quite fathom how the people behind South Park were able to piece together what may very well be one of the funniest episodes in the entire run of the series in the span of a day, but I’m thankful that they did.

Kyle: Nurse! My little brother needs medical attention!

Nurse: Is he an Obama supporter or a McCain supporter?

Kyle: What the hell does that have to do with anything!?

Nurse: Because I need to know if he partied too hard or if he tried to kill himself!

Simon Pegg has written an article for The Guardian in which he requests we return to a more traditional set of zombie values. After reading it, my initial thoughts were “Amen” followed by “I remember reading about Dead Set a few months ago, I wonder if it will make it to the states”.

Michael Crichton has passed away. Very sad news. I’ll have to track down my old copy of The Lost World.

Not wanting to end on a down note, yet being far too tired to write anything evem remotely witty here, I’ll end with this:

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One thought on “A Blog In Two Parts (Part Two)

  1. I agree. Those people are nuts. I was so moved by what happened, how many people (of all races!) turned out to see him speak and just the incredible strides we’ve made as a country. Honestly, astounding.

    People who are religious or political fundamentalists in either direction scare the living shit out of me. THAT is who to fear. Not an intelligent, sincere and passionate black man who happens to be our president.

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