A Contemplative Compilation of Me Contemplating Contemplation

Thinking about fate and chance and the universe and how our choices in life affect our future selves in weird ways.

Say, for example, you decide “This comic store will be MY comic store, and I shall visit it every Wednesday for my comicy goodness and the villagers, invisible though they may be, shall rejoice.”

And you go to this store every Wednesday and you buy your comics and you chat it up with the comic people and you’re very happy for years and years and years.

Then one day, you see the latest issue of BLOOD SUCKING MUTANT ALIEN ZOMBIE HEAD HUNTERS on the rack, and it’s the last one, and you’re all “It will be mine!” but as you reach for it, so does the hand of someone standing next to you and you turn to find it’s a very attractive woman/man/lizard person and you find yourself dumbstruck. Not only have you experienced the one thing you thought you’d never experience in your life (IE: “love at first sight”), but this gorgeous specimen of woman/man/lizard person-y goodness happens to love BLOOD SUCKING MUTANT ALIEN ZOMBIE HEAD HUNTERS as much as you do! SCORE!

So you end up talking to her/him/it and you start dating and you get married and you have kids/spawn and live happily ever after.

And then your little grandkids/hatchlings come up to you and ask “how did you meet?” and you say “it all started when I was like ‘This comic store will be MY comic store…'”

But the thing is, going back years and years and years before your grandkids/creatures are even existent, you made that choice to make that comic store YOUR comic store, etc. etc.

So what’s to say what influenced that decision? Fate? Destiny? What kept you from thinking “y’know what, that OTHER comic store has a bitchin arcade next door” and thus making that one YOUR comic store?

These are the things that go through my head at night when I should probably be sleeping or something productive.

All I know is I’m glad I visited the website I visited all those years ago, because I know my life is better now because of it.

(ha-ha, I mushied you all up OUT OF NOWHERE)

Got a free 2009 calendar today. The cover of it is some jungle somewhere and it says EARTH on it and it’s got pictures of cliffs and forrests and oceans and junk for each month. It’s pretty Earthy and cool.

Somebody needs to save those polar bears. They’re too damned cute to die.

Are the penguins safe? The penguins are safe, right?

If Blood Sucking Mutant Alien Zombie Head Hunters were a real comic, I would read it every month and devote a shrine to its first issue in my closet. Someone get on that.

Published by Rob Kaas

Biographical information? I was born 37 years ago. I've lived a little here and there since then. I do not look forward to death. Biographical enough for you?

One thought on “A Contemplative Compilation of Me Contemplating Contemplation

  1. I like your calendar. Sounds similar to mine, but I had to pay for it. :/
    I don’t know about polar bears, but watched a movie about pandas this morning (about them being endangered). I thought of you and how you should go to China and save them.
    Pinguins are pretty safe. At least that’s what Happy Feet taught me.

    Also, I do not have a favorite comic book store… :|

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