Of Laundry Days And Broken Glass

Today has not been a great day.

To start off with, it was laundry day, which is never a fun day for me, since it means bagging up many dirty articles of clothing, hauling them to the laundromat –a place that smells nothing like other laundromats I’ve been to, the majority of which smell like fabric softener, dryer lint and various flowery detergents, whereas our laundromat smells very much like mold and mildew and various other things you would hate to have your clothing smell like– and then procede to make several trips, back and forth, until the laundry is home and I can rest.

Laundry would be a far happier thing if we had our own washer/dryer.

Or if our laundromat was not quite so… Icky.

Really, I suppose the black cloud hovering above the head of today started last night.

I’ve been reading the Keys of the Kingdom series of books by Garth Nix lately. I’ve finished Mister Monday, after it had been sitting on my bookshelf, with a bookmark shoved somewhere halfway through, for the last month or so. I then finished Grim Tuesday, which brought me to Drowned Wednesday.

Last night, I found myself within nine or ten chapters of finishing Drowned Wednesday, and so I set out to finish it; a feat that meant I was up until two in the morning. I woke up far earlier than I should have, wanting to start on the next book in the series, Sir Thursday, and as a result, felt like homogenized shit. This feeling lasted throughout the day.

Ironically enough, as a direct result of getting up so early to read Sir Thursday, I’ve felt too poorly to read very much at all. I’ve only read the prologue, beyond which the words begin to melt and swirl together in a headache inducing hodgepodge.

Upon leaving the house for our first venture to the laundromat, I had realized I had forgotten my wallet. So we returned to the house, I exited the car, opened our porch door, entered the house and retrieved the wallet. I then exited the house, pushed the porch door open to exit the porch, returned to the car and we were on our way.

Or at least, we would have been.

What occured instead was my hand breaking through an area of the glass window in the porch door, causing the glass to cut three of my fingers (only my “pinky” finger was bleeding profusely). Shocked by the glass breaking at such a minimal amount of pressure being applied to it, I motioned for the wife to join me. Upon doing so, she thought I had punched through the glass in frustration. As much as I may have wanted to convey a look-at-me-I’m-the-sort-of-ruffian-who-goes-around-smashing-in-windows-due-to-sheer-rage vibe, I had to admit, it was as simple as my putting a very small amount of pressure on the glass and my hand choosing to press right through it.

So while my hand may sting, while my eyelids may be heavy, while my body may be weary… I am wearing clothes that are clean, warm and smell of flowery detergent.

Silver linings, all of that.

Scrye Magazine is ending its run.

For those of you who are unaware of what Scrye Magazine is, it’s the longest running magazine dedicated entirely to collectible card games (think Magic: The Gathering or, er, Pokemon). I’ve never had a subscription, though I’ve always wanted one. Now I’ll never get the chance, which makes me a bit melancholy.

Save The Words is a wonderful site containing many words so obscure they’ve been dropped from many dictionaries. Good, decent, hard working, god fearing words that only request they be heard/read/learned and not forgotten.

You can adopt words, too. I did, I adopted “Omniregency”, meaning holding authority (according to the website, though something seems fishy about that definition).

Look, you even get a certificate:

Neil Gaiman has won The Newbery Medal for The Graveyard Book and, though I doubt he’ll ever read it, I congratulate him.

Jesus, I need sleep. Away with me.

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