One Dollar

Less than two weeks from now, Comic-Con International will kick off it’s 2009 whirlwind of comics, science fiction, fantasy, horror and who knows what else in beautiful San Diego, California. I know quite a few people who will be there (some as attendees, some as guests), and I wish I could join them, but alas, I am but a simple man with very little money.

However, one thing that I urge anyone going to CCI on this or any year to do is to please donate to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It doesn’t have to be much, they’ll accept anything really. They do offer some pretty cool shit for your money, though. They sell comic books and limited edition art, some of which are signed by some of your favorite creators (Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Jeff Smith, the list goes on and on), shirts, statues, tons of amazing stuff.

Why should I donate anything to the CBLDF?

Well, not to answer a question with a question, but do you love comic books? Do you believe in them as a legitimate art form that deserves to be protected from people who still think they’ll “rot your brain”? Do you believe in the first amendment?

Oh, I answered your question with three questions.

Anyway, if you answered yes to any or, as I suspect, all of those questions, then you’ve just answered your own in the process. Taking a quote directly from the CBLDF website:

The CBLDF’s guiding principle is that comics should be accorded the same constitutional rights as literature, film, or any other form of expression.

If you doubt that censorship of comic books and graphic novels has been happening for a very long time, click on over to this page and browse around a bit. Some of these cases are heartbreaking, especially to a life-long comic reader/supporter.

There were over a hundred and twenty-six thousand (thousand) people in attendance of Comic-Con last year. Think if each and every one of those people passed the CBLDF booth and handed them one dollar. Just a dollar, nothing major. A small piece of your overall weekend budget, I’m sure. But if enough people did it, it would make all the difference.

So If you’re attending Comic-Con July 23rd – 26th (with a preview night on the 22nd, remember), drop by the CBLDF booth (they’ll be in slot 1920 this year) and give. Give anything. Buy a t-shirt, buy some signed Neil Gaiman books, if there are any left by the time you get there. Or just hand them a dollar.


Another truly worthwhile charity you should look into is The Hero Initiative. Click over to their website and read up on them, they’re wonderful folks.

(they’ll be in slot 907 at Comic-Con this year)

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