Links And Things: January 4th, 2012

If you’re a fan of education, as I am, then you will probably be as excited to read this as I was.

It seems as though John Hodgman has started doing impromptu Q&A sessions over at his website, AreasOfMyExpertise.Com. He answered an obscene amount of questions yesterday, seemingly throughout the day and into the night, and says it was such a success that he’ll be doing it again in the near future. You should read some of the answers from yesterday which are, of course, hilarious.

You might love Twilight. I’m not insinuating anything, I’m just saying that, statistically, you may be in the group of people who go gaga for the poorly written adventures of Edward and Bella. Or you might hate it. I think that’s more likely, if you’re reading this blog. But whether you love it or you hate it, I’m sure you’ll find humor in this article entitled If Famous Writers Had Written Twilight. Check out the comment section, because some of those responses are golden.

Here’s a fascinating interview with Phillip K. Dick from 1979.

Lastly, this is a thing that happened and is real. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, and Weird Al Yankovic all performing Come Together by John Lennon on the island of Maui on New Year’s Eve.


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