In Which I Become That Guy Who Posts Photos of His Food, You Can Skip This Blog Post If You Like, Really It’s Fine, I Won’t Be Offended


1/4 Cup Diced Tomatoes
1/4 Cup Diced Green Chilies
1/4 Cup Diced Onion
Shredded White Cheddar (to taste)
3 Eggs
Italian Seasoning, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Salt, Ground Black Pepper

Whisk eggs, veggies and seasoning (along with the cheese, if you like) until well blended. Heat a small frying pan, greasing it with light butter or calorie-free pan spray. You want the dial (or however your range is set up) to be halfway between the medium heat and lowest heat settings. Once pan is hot, pour in egg mixture. Heat until eggs are fully cooked (at least. if you prefer your eggs a bit darker, be my guest, but never eat undercooked eggs).

While eggs are cooking, take two flour (or corn) tortillas and melt cheese into them. Once eggs are cooked, add mixture to melted cheese, wrap and enjoy.

This makes two (with flour tortillas) and the mixture (as I make it) comes to about 804 calories, which is a pretty big number, but it’s possible to store half of the egg mixture in a plastic container to heat up later (it works out relatively well) which works out to about 402 calories. The reason I eat two is, between the veggies and the protein from the eggs, not to mention the carbs in the tortillas, I tend to remain full for the rest of the day. I generally make this around lunch time and I end up eating a much lighter dinner because of it. I don’t make this every day, because, yikes, calories. But once every few days, it’s a nice change of pace from oatmeal, protein shakes, cereal etc.

I tried it with diced ham the other day, but the flavor of the ham was lost amidst the onions and all. I’m considering adding turkey sausage next time, to add a bit more protein/flavor.

These turned out so good, I thought I’d share my process with anyone who might want to try them.

I also welcome any suggestions as far as other things to add/try. I’m trying to make something that is relatively healthy (I could eliminate the cheese, to be honest with you, and the calories would be considerably lower, but the overall flavor takes a huge hit), super filling (which this certainly is), and gives me plenty of protein. Again, I welcome any suggestions. Should I try the turkey sausage next time? My concern is the calories, which get to be a bit high. If I tried eliminating the cheese (trying a lower calorie cheese, maybe?) and using the sausage in its place, it might work. I don’t know.

I do know that, since I’ve been cooking a lot of my own food like this, I have lost weight.

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2 thoughts on “In Which I Become That Guy Who Posts Photos of His Food, You Can Skip This Blog Post If You Like, Really It’s Fine, I Won’t Be Offended

  1. I stood beside a guy in a cafe beside work on Tuesday. He insisted on taking a photo of his lunch before paying for it. He then tweeted it and posted it to Facebook. He also checked in on 4Square. It was a chicken salad, and not a very good one at that. He told me he does it with every meal he eats out. The wonders of technology….

  2. Wow, what a habit, taking pictures of every food to eat. What I love in this post is that ingredients is included together with contained amounts that’s why it is easily determine how many calories does it take. Thanks

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