United State of Confusion

Yesterday marked the latest in the string of days making up the last four years that I have felt actively embarrassed to be called an American citizen. Looking around at my fellow countrymen and being disgusted and disappointed by what I have seen is an all too common thing these days, a practice I sincerely hope will be quelled with the incoming president and administration.

We as a nation witnessed an attempted coup by way of an armed insurrection in order to keep current sitting president (as I type this, may these words be taken in good humor in later retrospect) Donald J. Trump in a position of power. I honestly can’t believe I have just typed that sentence in a piece that is in no way or shade a satirical post. This happened. This happened and it is so much worse than I can word it.

A dagger has been plunged into the heart of our democracy and the handle is coated in cheeto dust and sticky with mountain dew. A group of people parading around under the false guise of patriotism invaded our nation’s capitol and made a mockery of one of our most important political processes. These people made it as far as they did, accomplished as much as they did, simply because they were white. Full stop. No hyperbole, no exaggeration. Make no mistake. If the majority of these insurrectionists, these thugs and lowlifes, these clowns, had been of any skin color other than white, yesterday would have been one of the bloodiest days in our nation’s history.

You are free to argue that fact elsewhere, I will accept no disagreement here on this topic. If you are to defend the actions seen on live television yesterday, in any regard, you may leave as I have no interest in debating these facts. This is no longer a matter of differing political opinions, this is a clash between people who truly love this country and those who are, in the best of scenarios, an apologist for a group of people who would watch our democracy burn at the rambling of a mad dictator terrified of losing power. The line in the sand has been drawn.

And if you are a Trump supporter or apologist reading this, tell me, please dear god shed some light on this for me: Where is your anger? Where is the same level of outrage I saw in so many of your posts when video of people of color were rioting in a Target? Are you all so quiet now because these people are white? Or do you value the sanctity of Target more than the capitol at the very heart of this country?

If you were writing Facebook op-eds about the thugs and criminals being shot or locked away forever for peacefully protesting in a city street, but have since remained silent about small armed militia breaking windows and trespassing on the sacred land of our constitution, then you are one hundred percent the problem with this country.

The footage yesterday was heartbreaking. We saw a sitting American president incite an armed attack on American soil. We are living in unprecedented times.

For those of us hoping 2021 would bring peace and understanding, I feel we’re in for a dark and bumpy ride.

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