Free Fiction.

I’ve recently stumbled across this website, which offers, on average, one to three short stories from many well known (and some not so well known) authors. It’s a wonderful site. Here’s a story available from Kurt Vonnegut. And here are several from Neil Gaiman. And finally, Arthur C. Clarke. (there’s also quite a few greatContinue reading “Free Fiction.”

Springtime In Minnesota

Sometime last week, I opened our front door to find a vision of green grass and of cascading raindrops. I stepped out onto our porch, inhaled deeply, filling my lungs with the refreshingly crisp air, and smiled. After a long and brutal winter, Spring had finally arrived. I returned inside, got dressed, and went forContinue reading “Springtime In Minnesota”

The One Where I Talk About Jonathan Coulton

I’m not sure how I first found the music of Jonathan Coulton. It may have been Wil Wheaton’s blog, it may have been Twitter, it may have been The Fabulist, I just don’t know. But I’m certainly glad I did. Here’s hoping I’m your first introduction to Jonathon Coulton’s music. Start here. I reccomend CodeContinue reading “The One Where I Talk About Jonathan Coulton”

Points Of Interest: A Link Thread.

Robotic Colon Snakes. As if the idea of colonoscopies didn’t sound uncomfortable enough, now researchers are developing self-propelling probes that crawl inside the colon and grip its sides with the aid of sticky films. Via: Warren Ellis — Vibrating Vinyl Beaver. Jeremy Fish has created Barry the Beaver, a ‘vibrating vinyl friend’ for all yourContinue reading “Points Of Interest: A Link Thread.”

Blogging: The Silent Killer.

A real, Honest-To-God, New York Times Headline for Sunday April 6th: In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop The article claims pro blogging is akin to a sweatshop. They work long hours, often to exhaustion. Many are paid by the piece — not garments, but blog posts. This is the digital-eraContinue reading “Blogging: The Silent Killer.”

Q&A For April 2008: The Questions

I’ve decided to do a monthly Q&A. These were always a favorite part of the MySpace blog, so I thought I’d move it over to the ol’ WordPress Machine (old man speak) and make it a monthly endeavor, as opposed to a “whenever the fancy strikes me” sort of deal. So, here we go. AskContinue reading “Q&A For April 2008: The Questions”

Babbles And Rambles, My Words All In Shambles.

It seems the late night pre-bed ramble may become a habit, you poor bastards. — It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Not just rain, but a thunderstorm is reportedly on its way through. I’m sure there are those who will see a thunderstorm in their weather update and groan. “Ugh, rain.” they’ll say, “Just when theContinue reading “Babbles And Rambles, My Words All In Shambles.”

An Ode To The Guy In The Golf Cart

Two and half blocks from my house, there lives an old man. On the outside, he’s a typical, unassuming, grouchy-in-appearance old man. He wears a hat that proudly displays his devotion to the United States Navy, he wears pleated slacks and loafers, he wears aviator sunglasses. All commonplace amongst many male senior citizens, which wouldContinue reading “An Ode To The Guy In The Golf Cart”