Mostly Links And A Little Mushiness

Today is Danielle’s birthday. I’ve sent her flowers, I plan to massage her weary muscles when she gets home from work, and tonight we watch whatever the hell she wants to watch (though it will probably end up being the downloaded episodes of Chuck and Heroes we missed last Monday). I love this woman moreContinue reading “Mostly Links And A Little Mushiness”

The One Where I Talk About Jonathan Coulton

I’m not sure how I first found the music of Jonathan Coulton. It may have been Wil Wheaton’s blog, it may have been Twitter, it may have been The Fabulist, I just don’t know. But I’m certainly glad I did. Here’s hoping I’m your first introduction to Jonathon Coulton’s music. Start here. I reccomend CodeContinue reading “The One Where I Talk About Jonathan Coulton”

Points Of Interest: A Link Thread.

Robotic Colon Snakes. As if the idea of colonoscopies didn’t sound uncomfortable enough, now researchers are developing self-propelling probes that crawl inside the colon and grip its sides with the aid of sticky films. Via: Warren Ellis — Vibrating Vinyl Beaver. Jeremy Fish has created Barry the Beaver, a ‘vibrating vinyl friend’ for all yourContinue reading “Points Of Interest: A Link Thread.”